About Us



The Pocahontas Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD) provides fire protection and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in conjunction with Hinds County.  PVFD is an all volunteer fire department that charges no fees, and responds to all calls for assistance.  PVFD’s primary service area covers approximately 38 square miles in northern Hinds County.  Our service area is primarily rural consisting primarily of large wooded and agricultural areas with widely distributed homes and structures, and several scattered subdivisions and communities.  The department was chartered under Section 79-11-1, MS Code 1972 in 1977, and is a registered non-profit organization under the United States Internal Revenue Code (26 USC 501(c)3).       




The Pocahontas Volunteer Fire Department’s primary mission is to provide the most efficient and reliable fire protection and emergency medical service for all citizens in the northern Hinds County on a nondiscriminatory basis. 

By providing such protection and coverage, the Department hopes to build strong relationships in the community and assist in providing lower homeowner insurance class protection ratings.  The Department will strive to never jeopardize the safety of the public nor its membership in an uncalculated manner while performing the tasks associated with our mission.

The Department will provide a stable and trained membership of volunteer firefighters that are prepared to respond when needed.  All firefighters are expected to participate in trainings and community projects related to our tasks.  The officers of the Department will assist local, state, and federal investigating agencies in relation to fire incidents within our district